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Welcome to The Artsy Butterfly, your one stop shop for inspiration and handmade goods from the heart.

Some of you may remember my ramblings from my old wedding blog, Love is You, Love is Us or from my being featured as Mrs. Locket on WeddingBee.  Either way, my new-found love for blogging couldn’t end with the wedding so here we are!


This blog is a mix of DIY projects, crafts, photography, baking, sewing and pretty much anything else that falls into the handmade/handcrafted category (and that includes food!).

Why Artsy Butterfly?  Well, I’ve always had a love for the pretty buggers and with recent changes in my life I feel as if my metaphoric cocoon has burst open and I’m now ready to spread my wings and fly (corny, I know, but true nonetheless).  I’ve also had an Etsy shop since 2006 sporting the same lovely title and have recently decided to revive, fancy it up and start selling my crafty creations.  If you’re feeling up to it, feel free to follow along in my journey of crafting, homemaking and entrepreneurship.

Sarah Griffin is a graduate of Ithaca College where she studied Biological Sciences and Health Studies.  Today, Sarah is still residing in “gorges” Ithaca with her new husband and their two furbaby dogs, Maple and Molly.

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