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Week 39

February 7, 2012

It’s almost time.

Time for us to become parents AND time for little baby Connor to get the “F” outta dodge (AKA my uterus!).

We are ready to see his cute squishy face, pinch his little wiggly toes, and hold him in our arms.

Since my 37 week appointment, we’ve tried every trick in the book when it comes to natural labor induction techniques and nothing has worked.  I’ve inhaled (ahem and inserted) the evening primrose oil, sucked up red raspberry leaf tea, walked my booty off, bounced on my ball, and ate spicy foods.  However, to no avail, Baby Connor has stayed put.  He’s quite the stubborn little monkey, but we already knew this.

I know what you’re thinking.  Wait, don’t you still have more time to go?  Yes, technically he’s not due until Thursday the 9th, but most pregnancies end anywhere from 38 weeks on.  I’ve hoped to be in the lucky bunch that get their babies out a little earlier.  So far, we haven’t been so lucky.

Today, I’m just 2 days shy of D-day (aka our due date) and the wait is torturous.  Every little twinge, ache, or odd behavior sends my husband and I into wondering if today could be the day.  We thought that perhaps the busy weekend of cooking freezer meals and watching the Super Bowl would do the trick, but come Monday he was still stubbornly in place.  On the plus side there has been progress.

At my 39 week appointment the midwife noted that I had dropped, baby’s head was engaged, and I had begun to dilate to 1cm.  I also opted to have my membranes swept in the hopes of helping things along.  It wasn’t as painful as I’ve read about, more so it was uncomfortable.  And, if nothing happens by Friday, I’ll ask to have it done again.

I’m eager to get this baby out ASAP because we do have a time limit.  The longest they want to wait for induction is 41 weeks, which is on the 16th.  Ideally, I would prefer to have him come on his own, sans Pitocin, but know that my original plans may not come true.

I know we should be patient, but with the end so close it’s hard not to get eager.

Tonight is a full moon AND a Tuesday.  “They” say that more babies are born on full moons, but who knows, it could be another old wives tale.   What we do have in our favor is that the majority of births do occur on a Tuesday.  I’ve felt achy and crampy all morning and of course this has me excitedly thinking that it could be today.  In reality, I’ll likely be posting a 40 week update soon whining about how little baby Connor has decided to stay put.  Either way, the day is upon us and we will have our baby in 2-9 days at the most.  Let the countdown to parenthood begin!

39 week belly shot (excuse the craptastic bathroom shot, hubs is getting tired of taking my picture!)

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