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Weeks 29 and 30

January 10, 2012

written 12/8/11

Turkey day came and went faster than ever, but it was fun to be with family and have the time off.

Our baby must’ve enjoyed it too or was a fan of turkey and thanksgiving fixings because my bump had a growth spurt while I was home.

The timing was perfect too!  We had a maternity shoot scheduled with a friend on the Sunday after Thanksgiving (prior to heading home).  The weather was comfortable and in the high 40s–perfect for the outdoor shoot we had planned.

The shoot went well and I loved seeing this sneak peek of myself.

via Jared and Debbie Photography (@29 weeks, 3 days)

Not only is baby growing, but he/she is starting to get very active.  My mom saw my belly move while we visited and Craig finally saw it move a few days later.   I also noticed hiccups for the first time.  It’s a strange sensation and only slightly annoying.

We had our birthing class during week 30 on December 3rd–it was a brutal waste of time.  Yes, there was valuable information provided, but the class was 8 hours long and a lot of the information was review for us.  The biggest thing of value from the experience was the hospital tour and seeing the delivery ward.  If I could do it over, I would save the $75 fee for baby items.

This was also the week that my fingers decided to swell up so much that I feared I would have to get my rings cut off.  I panicked throughout the day as I googled methods for removal.  None of them worked–when I got home I explained my fear to Craig, but he took a look and decided that he could and would get them off.

Well, he was right, he could get them off.  It hurt like HELL!  I seriously thought he would pull my finger off.  My finger was so swelled up after he removed the first ring that I couldn’t bear to let him remove the other until the next day.  Well, the day wait wasn’t that much help.  My finger was still puffed up and getting the band off was even more of a challenge.  I’m pretty sure I shed a tear while he pulled it off.

Here’s a piece of advice for all you early preggos out there, even if you reach 30 weeks with fitting rings don’t assume you’ll get through the pregnancy with them on.  Be sure to remove your rings on a daily basis to make sure they can still slide on and off easily.  I only waited a few days without taking mine off and it was nearly too late!

All and all, it could have been worse.  The swelling has gone down some, I still have my fingers,  and we now have an entertaining story to share.

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  1. January 10, 2012 12:52 pm

    I had to take my rings off and I’m thinking about getting a stand in band — I feel naked without them!
    You look gorgeous by the way. 🙂

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