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Weeks 25 and 26

December 20, 2011

*Disclaimer–  Pregnancy, life emergencies, and general baby prep have tied me up in the editing department and my weekly posts have stacked up.  I’m now in my 32nd week and plan to play catch up by clumping the past few weeks together in upcoming posts.

written November 10, 2011

The return of morning sickness continued on through week 25 and I ended up getting sick a few more times.  It wasn’t fun, but it was tolerable and I’ve adjusted my morning routine a bit to accommodate my 2 hours of feeling queasy and it has helped some.

I also heard from my dad.  He was in the hospital.  Apparently, he had suffered from strange vision changes and overall ill-health.  It finally got so bad that my brother (whom is staying with him) forced him to get checked out.  It turns out he has diabetes and his kidneys were beginning to fail.  Honestly, it wasn’t a surprise to me.  He has a poor diet and never really takes care of himself the way he should.    The surprise was hearing from my father.

We’ve had a strained relationship since he bailed on my wedding last year (that’s a long story I don’t care to get into).  Since then, it’s been very difficult to allow him back into our lives and neither of us had made the effort.  Hearing from him on his own accord was new to me.  In the past, the many times he’s called he’s had an agenda.  This time was different, he wasn’t busy preaching and was actually interested in hearing how I was doing and how the baby was growing.

I think being so sick struck him with the realization that he needed to make an effort to fix the things he had broken.

It’s also changed my view on things.  I now want to give him the opportunity to be in my child’s life.  It’s been something I’ve been on the fence about since learning I was pregnant.  As a parent-to-be, my protective instincts took over and my initial decision was to cut that line of communication.  I wanted to protect my child from the pain and disappointment he has caused me, but now feel that if something were to happen to him I would regret it.  Yes, I’m still wary about opening the door again, but we’ll take it step by step.  He deserves the chance to prove himself and at least I’ll know we tried.

In other news, I had my 1 hour glucose test in week 26 and admit that I was rather nervous.  After hearing about my father’s diabetes, I feared that perhaps I had a predisposition and that the test would confirm the worse.  Fortunately, it wasn’t as horrible as I expected.  Yes, the drink was extremely sweet and it did make me feel sick to my stomach as time passed, but it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve experienced.

It actually reminded me of those super-sugary fruit punch drinks that used to be geared towards kids.  I think they were called lil hugs?  Either way, the drink was pure sugar, containing 50 g of glucose.  Of course, curiosity got the best of me and I wanted to physically see how much glucose it actually looked like, so while at work I weighed some out.

  That my friends is a lot of sugar!  Sugar that my body needed to process properly over the next hour.  Upon arrival, I was sent directly to the lab, the technician pricked my finger, took two samples of blood, and sent me off to the midwife.  I figured we would have a standard monthly meeting and that the results would be discussed when they came in.  To my surprise, by the time I entered the room the midwife had them at her disposal.

The news was both good and a bit not so good.  The good news?  I passed my 1-hour glucose test with a 119 (they require you to be under 130).  Yippee!  The not so good news?  My anemia was still present and my levels were at a 10 (I think these were my hemoglobin levels).  Ideally, during pregnancy and before delivery, they would prefer my levels be well above a 10 to prevent hemorrhaging during labor.  The midwife wasn’t too concerned with this since we were just on the cusp, but said that they would want to continue monitoring it and that I should be sure to continue taking a supplement and eat foods that are rich in iron.

All in all the appointment went well.   I’ve been feeling pretty great and my bump is officially large enough to announce my pregnancy.  I’ve also had my first experience with seeing my belly move from the outside.  It’s definitely strange to watch my stomach spasm as baby kicks and wiggles around, but I love every minute of it.

26 weeks, 3 days

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  1. December 20, 2011 1:31 pm

    You and me both!! They told me my iron was so low I was :::this close::: to being anemic. Must be common in some preggos like us!

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