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23 weeks

November 7, 2011

written 10/20/11

The return of morning sickness has not been fun and it’s now accompanied by a new addition that I find hard to describe.

The best way to describe my morning is that it feels like I’m getting squished in a big bear hug just below my ribs.  It leaves me feeling very uncomfortable and slightly out of breath,but not in the traditional sense.  More like I have less air gasping capacity and I need to actively breathe in deep to get a good breath.

The funny thing is that the feeling subsides after a couple of hours of get-up-and-go.  Perhaps gravity is doing its job in pushing baby a tad lower and away from squashing my internal organs.  Who knows?!  I hear that this feeling is common and that my growing baby/womb are to blame.  I even found this neat depiction of what is happening to my organs as this pregnancy progresses and it does makes sense.

One very fun thing about this week was that Craig finally felt his definite baby kicks.  This time there was no doubting what he was feeling and he was happy to finally get a glimpse of what I’ve felt for the past 6 weeks.

We’ve also begun to make our nesting plan.  Though, we’ve had it in our heads for a while now, we put things on hold because our plan involves having a good amount of money saved up.  Among many things, we’ve decided to re-carpet our apartment before baby gets here.  Now, this is no easy process.  When we moved in 2+years ago Molly, our dog, was a puppy–a puppy that peed A LOT on the carpet in the nursery (among other places).

No amount of cleaning has been able to get the smell out and it was easy enough to ignore when we didn’t have to go in there, but we can’t ignore it any longer.  We’ve decided (I mean my husband has decided) to do all the preliminary work himself.  This involves tearing out the old carpet and padding and sealing the floors with Killz to seal in the odor.  I’ll admit, my lazy self is glad I can’t help with a large portion of this project (because of the fumes) and am proud that he is so willingly taking on the task.

We haven’t begun work yet, but plan to over the next month.  My job in all of this is to organize my craft station.  It now takes up a good corner of our living room and has been something that I’ve put off for far too long.  We actually began ‘operation get my crap hidden’ back in April, but with the pregnancy and craziness of life I haven’t touched it since.  I also get the fun job of decorating the nursery when it’s ready to go–a task I’m much more excited about.

23 weeks, 2 days

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