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22 weeks

November 7, 2011

written 10/13/11

Oh boy! Oh girl!  Whatever baby is, we know one thing, he or she is a stubborn mule.

We had our secondary ultrasound (to get clearer pictures of the heart) and still have zero insight as to what our little G-baby is.

Fortunately, baby still looks good and they were able to get all the pictures of the heart that they needed.  This time baby was in a breech position with its legs scrunched in such a way that we still couldn’t catch a glimpse.

The tech also rechecked the placenta, but it still hasn’t moved so we get yet another sonogram at 28 weeks.  Maybe baby will want to share by then–I’m not getting my hopes up, just hoping that the placenta moves so we won’t have to think about changing our birthing plan.

Prior to leaving we also scheduled my glucose screening test for November 1.  I’m not sure what to think about that–I’ve heard so many horror stories of women failing the 1-hour test and being tortured through the 3-hour test.  I’m really hoping it won’t come down to that.

I’ve also begun to  feel nauseous in the mornings again and the gags have made an unfortunate return.

On the plus side, I can feel baby moving from the inside AND outside, and I felt my first movement above my belly button.

Craig also felt the baby move for the first time at the start of this week though he isn’t 100% convinced it was the baby.

I also ended up doing a little shopping after the US appointment and bought some new (non-maternity) clothes in bigger sizes.  I had hoped to buy some cute baby clothes, but since baby didn’t want to share I decided it made more sense to splurge on myself.

And, now for my worry of the week.  Husband has finalized his new work schedule (YAY employment) and for the first 4 months he works 5am-1pm, which means I have to take the bus into work in the mornings.  This is not a big deal now, but it might be interesting as my bump grows and I begin to waddle my way around. What has me concerned is what our birth plan will be like.

What happens if I go into labor when my husband is at work?!  He is now working in a salt mine as an explosive technician and will have limited access to the phones, so there is a slim chance he might not get the call when the time comes.  What’s worse, it takes a full hour to get in/out of the mine and I’m not even sure how things work in emergency circumstances.

I’ve decided that I need to start thinking of a game plan for transportation and determine who I can call at a moments notice so I can get to the hospital (if I’m home alone).  I do plan on working up until the end and I’m not even sure of those logistics just yet.  What if I go into labor while I’m at work ?!  Ummm…have you seen The Office episode when Pam goes into labor?  I’m sure one of my coworkers would be able to help in getting me to the hospital, but is that something that I really want?

Ideally, in a perfect world, baby will decide it’s time after 5pm or during the weekend–not between the hours of 4:30 am-1 pm when my husband will be unavailable.  There is still so much to think of and so much that I can’t really plan for since going into labor isn’t something you can simply mark on the calendar.


22 weeks, 6 days

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