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21 weeks

November 3, 2011

written 10/6/11

This week, we bought baby its first book…

and my dear hubby read it to my belly while we lied in bed that night.  Baby must have liked it because as soon as he started reading baby started squirming. It makes me wonder if baby can actually recognize his voice.  He (my hubby) also laid his head on my belly for a good 30 minutes trying to see if he could hear or feel anything while baby moved.  There were a couple of times he thought he might have felt something while I was feeling movement, but neither of us are sure.

A few days later, towards the end of the week, I was pretty sure I felt baby kicking around from the outside and was reassured the next day when I felt a definite jab above my belly button.  I’m still not sure if this baby is kicking or punching me though–at my last sono baby was vertex (head down) and majority of movement I’ve been feeling is in my lower belly.  The kicks I did feel were slightly higher so my guess is that they’re actually punches, not kicks.  It is exciting though and a nice reminder that those strange squirmy feelings in my belly are actually baby and not random muscle spasms.

Oh, and let’s not forget how my tummy has become a force to be reckoned with!  I’m seriously hungry all the time.  I’ve tried the snacking throughout the day thing, but go figure I’m not always hungry when I should be snacking so I put it off for a bit.  I’ve also stopped gaining weight which makes me feel like I should just eat whatever I want when I am hungry.  Yes, I still focus on getting healthy nutrients, but I don’t stop myself from eating that juicy cheeseburger I’ve been craving.  Clearly I’m not over doing it or I would be gaining weight like crazy.

I’m guessing my standstill on the scales has something to do with my starting weight.  My midwife recommended that I plan to gain between 15-20lbs during this pregnancy based on my overweight starting point.  I was also warned that because I had dropped weight pre-pregnancy (15 lbs) that my body would want to compensate for that and put it back on right away.

Well, I’m guessing she was right because the majority of the weight that I’ve put on was immediate and in my first trimester.  I’d like to think that I’ve only gained 7-8lbs because my starting weight is a bit confusing.  Do I go by the weight I was at my 4 week confirmation appointment (when I had already began to gain the weight I had just lost back) or do I use the number that I was in February before I lost the weight?  I’m also convinced that the scale at my OB’s office adds 3+ lbs—I swear when I get weighed at home then at my primary doctor the weights are comparable, but when I do the same at this office it’s always about 3-4lbs more.  I don’t think I’m eating 4 lbs of food from my morning weighin to my afternoon appointment, so I regress and blame the scales.  So, as of now, If I go from my 8 week appointment weight I’ve only gained 5lbs, if I go by my 4 week confirmation appointment I’ve put on 8lbs.

Overall, I’m not overwhelming concerned about my weight gain.  The midwives tell me that I’m right on track and if they’re not bothered, I’m not either.

21 weeks, 3 days

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