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14 & 15 Week Smashup

October 5, 2011

written 8/25/11

14 weeks

Boom. Boom. Boom. I’m poppin’ like it’s hot!  Yup, this was the first week that my teeny baby bump began to pop out and make its appearance.

14 weeks

Now, I know what you’re thinking…umm I don’t see a baby bump.  Girl, you are crazy!  And, yes, you might be right…I’m probably a bit crazy and nutso for my pseudo imaginary baby bump, but I promise it’s there.

See!  I told you!  If I make a silly face and hold my belly in a maternal manner you can see it.

It may be small, concealable, and easily dismissed as having eaten two pieces of cake with my lunch, but it’s there.  And, I love it!

What I’m not so sure I love–the fact that my normal sized jeans still fit, but are starting to pinch and leave indents on my busting belly.  I fully planned on wearing them as long as possible.  But, that plan was foiled the moment I slipped on my newly purchased maternity jeans.  I LOVE THEM.  The comfort is unsurpassed and I could give a hoot that they don’t quite fit yet.  I just might wear them everyday from here on out.

15 weeks

Boy, oh boy!  What a difference a week makes!  I think, I’m finally reaching that stage in pregnancy where my belly has started to grow exponentially.  Okay, I’m slightly exaggerating, I’m not there yet, but visually there is a huge difference in my bump from last week to now (granted it’s been a little over one week between pics).  Check it out.

15 weeks, 5 days

Look at that bump!  No need for the maternal cradle here.

The best part about this bump?  I don’t really want to hide or cover it up.  It’s a funny thing.  I spent so many years trying to keep a flat stomach (hey, I said trying) and did my best to suck it in, pack it down, and hide it.  But now, all I want to do is find ways to show it off.   I’m a proud momma to be and I want the world to know!

I hear this phase will pass and that I’ll soon be tired of my ever-growing bump and the stares it will draw. For now I’ll take pride in my baby bump and share it with a grin.

Also, did I mention how much happier and excited I feel now that I’ve stepped into the second trimester?  I finally feel secure and excited about our little baby and the anticipation grows with every passing week.

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  1. October 5, 2011 12:35 pm

    Really pretty blog, good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

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