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First Trimester Rewind: Weeks 11-13

September 30, 2011

11 weeks

Overview:  This week was a good one.  Namely, my morning/all day sickness was easing up and became more sporadic and limited to evenings.  I actually began to crave foods again and my number one craving this week was breakfast pizza.  Now, breakfast pizza was hard to find so I decided to make my own for Sunday morning breakfast.  I figured if I was finally able to stomach something it better be delicious and high in calories and cheesy carbs.

(mmmm breakfast pizza heaven!)

Okay, I know what you’re thinking–‘isn’t that bacon and sausage on that pizza?’  Yes, it is.  And, yes, I know that pregnant women should avoid foods that are high in nitrates such as bacon and sausage, but I figured (after a lot of reading) that a little indulgence here and there wouldn’t hurt.

Hubs also surprised me with a new addition to our nursery– a new glider to match the crib we had purchased in early July.  And, though our nursery was (and still is) nowhere near completion it was nice to sit in that new chair and imagine what it would be like to hold and rock our little baby in that room.

It was also fun to start the countdown to 12 weeks! I had promised the hubs that we could start sharing at the start of the second trimester, which I had initially thought began at 12 weeks–silly me, I hadn’t realized I was wrong and that it actually started at the end of 12 weeks (some even say it doesn’t begin until well into week 13).  But, a promise is a promise and I told him that as long as everything went well at our next appointment we could make the announcement.

Symptoms: headache, extreme fatigue, swelling ankles, puffy fingers (I had to take one of my bands off), morning sickness, cravings.

12 weeks

Overview:  Well, this week was wonderful! Not only were we pseudo in the second trimester, but my 12 week appointment went perfectly.  We finally got to see our little baby again, and get this, he or she actually looked like a mini-human!  No more bean-shaped nugget, nor sea creature, our baby finally had little tiny arms, teeny legs and a goofy looking over sized head.  I was in awe when I saw it moving on the screen as he or she jerked around in my womb.  Our little sweetie was growing on schedule and measured just a couple of days ahead of where we were and its heart rate was a steady 150 BPM.

But, our little baby was stubborn because he or she was not letting the tech get the photos they needed to do the NT measurements, which left us with two options–coming back in a week or getting my blood drawn for the serum screen.  We opted for getting my blood drawn (I figured it best to save appointment time) and we were off with pictures of our sweet baby.

The hubs was so excited that everything went well that he literally couldn’t wait until we got home to post the exciting news to his Facebook.  When I say literally, I mean literally–I had to yell at him to stop playing with his phone while he drove us home.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I was excited too, but preferred to call my close friends before it went viral.  But, hey to each his own and really I can’t blame him, he’d been dying to share the news since day one.

This was also the week I decided to share the news with my boss and coworkers–admittedly, I was nervous to share the news with my boss, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I has anticipated.  I decided that a fun way to tell the rest of the lab would be to put a picture of the sonogram under the results of the week board and label it as my result.  It worked out well, the news spread fast and it was easier than if I had told a few and waited for it to spread.

Symptoms: occasional headaches, mild fatigue, decreased appetite (but feeling hungry all the time),cravings.

13 weeks

Overview:  I felt happiness and excitement this week.  We had just been able to share our news with nearly everyone we know and many of my negative symptoms were starting to ease up.  My headaches were becoming more sporadic, I wasn’t nearly as exhausted as I had been, and I hadn’t experienced any bleeding in weeks.  I was finally feeling the reassurance of reaching the second trimester and looked forward to each future pregnancy milestone.

Milestones like purchasing my first pair of maternity jeans!  I don’t know why, but it was a very exciting experience for me.  No, I didn’t need them yet, but it was nice to know that I would have them for when I would need them.  The impending belly popping was something to look forward to and I honestly couldn’t wait for my bump to grow.

Symptoms:  Mild fatigue, decreased appetite (but feeling hungry all the time), occasional headaches, mild cravings.

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