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First Trimester Rewind: Weeks 9-10

September 26, 2011

9 weeks

Overview:  Relieved after I received an explanation for the bleeding scares I finally had a chance to get excited about our growing baby and the coming weeks.  We were inching that much closer to the
“safety-zone”, aka the second trimester and this was the first week I didn’t experience bleeding.  I again felt comfortable browsing baby blogs and scanning the web for nursery inspiration.  The only down side to this week—morning/all day sickness kicked in worse than it had in the prior week.  I literally had zero appetite and when I was finally hungry enough to eat I would be full as soon as any type of food would hit my lips.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t horrible (or perhaps I’m tolerant)–I didn’t wake up each morning hugging the toilet, rather I woke up dry heaving over a toilet and went through gagging fits while walking around to get ready .  Yeah, it was a funny site (or so says my husband who would mock me on occasion-curse that man!), but a not so funny feeling.  I was actually lucky enough to have my gags sound more like coughs so I wasn’t blatantly announcing it to my coworkers every time a fit came up.  I would usually do my best to keep it at bay until I walked far enough into solitude or close enough to loud equipment that helped buffer the sounds (I never thought I would appreciate the hum of lab equipment).

Ginger beer became a staple to my diet and I toted it with me to work everyday along with my bag of mini saltine crackers.  For those of you who haven’t tried them, I highly recommend them!  In my opinion they taste better than regular saltines and are much less messy to crunch on.  As far as my beverage of choice…I tried a few different varieties of pricey ginger ales/ginger beers that contained real ginger (sorry ladies Schewppes isn’t going to cut it) and was most pleased with Reed’s Extra Ginger Beer and Saranac’s Ginger Beer, GUS Ginger Ale came in third because it didn’t have the extra bite that I appreciated in the others.

Fortunately, my nausea was worse in the evenings which worked out well since by the time I would get home the only thing I would want to do was curl up in bed and fall asleep.  My new routine was simple–come home, eat a snack, go to sleep, wake up, try to eat, and go back to bed.  Yet another routine that my husband found to be comical–he’d watch me eat and comment with a “let me guess, you’re going to bed soon?”.

Sleep was my refuge from feeling like crap, but even it couldn’t stop my incessant need to pee.  I literally counted nights where I would get up 5 times to relieve myself!  No wonder I was so exhausted all the time, on top of having a minimalistic diet I was not getting a full night’s sleep. 

Symptoms:  Extreme fatigue, headaches, nausea, frequent urination, bloat, looking like hell (that counts as a symptom right?), growing breasts.

10 weeks

Overview: I finally caved and purchased new bras–my old ones just weren’t cutting it anymore (more like they were cutting my growing monstrosities in half!).  I’ve never been one for full coverage bras, but found myself gravitating towards them and was surprised at how easily I filled them out in a larger cup size.  I’ll admit, I threw I mild fit while I stood there in the fitting room realizing that with months to go I would likely have more time to grow.  Seriously?!  If I continued to grow at this rate I’d be a triple D in no time!  If my bloated belly wasn’t enough to raise red flags, my growing bust line was.  Fortunately, most people aren’t paying attention to this (or at least that I know of) so it’s still easy enough to hide.  We’ve only told a select few people at this point because I want to have the security of reaching the first trimester behind me before I open my mouth.  I know it doesn’t guarantee that everything will be okay, but that extra percent of decreased risks means a lot.  I was still finding myself exhausted this week and was still being hit by the painful headaches, but in all honesty the symptoms still made me happy–I knew they were being caused by my growing baby and feeling the woes of pregnancy reminded me that my body was working hard to grow life.

Symptoms:  Extreme fatigue, headaches, nausea, frequent urination, bloat, looking like hell (that counts as a symptom right?), growing breasts.

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