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He and Me and Baby Makes Three

September 12, 2011

So, how’s about I tell you a little story about our journey into how we became expecting parents.

Truth be told we’ve always discussed becoming parents by the time the hubs turned 30 and as it turned out that day was closer than we thought.  In early 2011 with baby brain fueling my thoughts, I began reading about fertility/trying to conceive and learned that with each passing month (most women) have a 20% chance of becoming pregnant and that it could normally take 3-6 months (but as long as 1 year under normal circumstances) worth of trying.  Not the most exciting news for a woman who already had irrational fears on how difficult it could be to become pregnant.  So, I did what any right-minded person would do, I brought it up to the hubs and picked his brain.  And, in late March, just days before his 29th birthday we eagerly/secretly decided that after 1 month we would start trying.

I started popping prenatals, cut back on the caffeine, had one last grand fling with booze, and rejoiced in our secret plans.

It was fun to have such a great secret that only the two of us knew about and it made the experience that much more fun and intimate.  And, in May our fertile days came and went, but the impending wait to pee on a stick loomed over our heads.  Let me tell you, 2 weeks never seemed like such an eternity!  And, during that time I was partly convinced that we hadn’t been successful and begged hubs to let me have a glass of wine because I knew that we would have to wait another month (luckily he said no because he knew I was wrong/he said his “super sperm” would not disappoint).  Well, nearing the middle of that second week I began to change my tune after I started hitting the sack early and found it difficult to make it through full-length movies without zonking out.  This was definitely unusual for a night owl like myself, so I decided it might be time to start peeing on sticks.  Admittedly, I was a bit too eager to start this process and I would prob recommend waiting a bit longer before you decide to pee on a stick twice a day since seeing negatives and anxiously waiting is no fun.  I spent the first few days peeing on cheapy dollar store tests and on Sunday evening had a sneaking suspicion that I may be seeing a faint line, but how could I know for sure I was only using a $1 pregnancy test.  So I said nothing to the hubs and went to bed.  The next morning was Memorial day so I slept in for a bit before I ran to Walmart to pick up a healthy supply of First Response pregnancy tests (the ones that can get results 6 days before your missed period—yeah, I was totally testing before I even missed my period) and though I contemplated peeing on one in the store restroom I decided to wait until I got home.  After all, this was something I wanted to experience with the hubs and not alone with some stranger peeing next me  in a Walmart restroom.


As soon as I got home  I rushed to the bathroom without saying a word while hubs sat on the couch and watched tv.  And, then I waited about 1 minute until I saw the faint double line…

 I couldn’t believe me eyes and can’t even explain the surge of feelings the rushed through me, but I did squeal with excitement, and rushed to the living room to tell the hubs.

Me:  “Umm…Honey,  so I just peed on a test and you were right!  We’re going to have a baby!”

I handed him the test and he looked at me in slight disbelief, but with the same underlying eager eyes as myself.

Hubs:  ” What!?  Are you serious!  Really?!  Are you sure?  That line isn’t that dark…”

Me:  “Well, they say ‘a line is a line’ and it’s definitely there!”

Hubs:  “Who should we call first?

That was the big question.  Who should we call?  We immediately decided that we would call our moms and my sister and swear them to secrecy until we were ready to tell everyone else.  Well, wouldn’t you know that no one picked up their phones on the first calls!  Seriously, didn’t they know we had important news to share?!  Well, we eventually got a hold of each of them and everyone was just as ecstatic as we were, albeit my sister who was mostly in shock mindlessly responded with “are you keeping it?”.  She later said her response only came because she was so surprised and completely unaware that we were actually planning to get pregnant and that she didn’t mean anything negative by it—she was actually really excited to be an aunt.

The next day we scheduled an appointment with my primary care doctor to confirm the HPT—sure enough my blood results showed that we were in fact pregnant.  We were both so excited and the “real” feeling that we were having a baby finally began to settle in.  It was such a great day and we spent the evening browsing the web for anything baby related.  The high of being an expectant parent had settled in and was there to stay.

So here we are over 14 weeks later–my little bump is here, I can finally feel our little one squirming around, and we’re even more excited than day one.

(17 weeks, 4 days)

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  1. September 12, 2011 11:51 am


  2. September 12, 2011 12:03 pm

    Oh that’s so exciting and I love your story! I hope when my husband I try we’ll have success and don’t take forever–I had no idea until recently how common it is to take a long time! You look so cute by the way with your bump 🙂

  3. September 12, 2011 12:33 pm

    How exciting!! Congratulations momma!

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