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Who Needs April Showers?

April 11, 2011

“Not I”, said the Fly.

Yes, they may bring May flowers, but when your garden is sewn and not grown who needs ’em?  Really all you need is…

…for these fabric floral beauts!.

These past few weeks have been busy, busy, busy, and I have many a new style to show for it.  Per usual, I don’t always have a game plan when I set out to make new creations,  instead I create and question later.

It goes a little something like this….

Snip.  Snip.  Snip.

Stitch.  Stitch.  Stitch.

Hmm….now what kind of flower is this?  Let’s see, what do you think?  Were my guesses spot on or completely off base?

I decided to refer to these pretties as Aster Mums because, well, just because!  In all seriousness, they reminded me of a cross between both a mum and an aster and I figured calling them an Aster Mum is the perfect compromise (even though they do remind me of one of my dahlia styles).

These next ones took a little bit more work.  And, after googling “fluffy, puffy, flowers” I found that they most closely resembled Chrysanthemums.

This next one is a spin-off of an old style (waterlily dahlias), but I enjoyed how a change in the fabric impacted the look.

And, these were a trial using dyed jersey knits and various petal shapes.  I think they’ll make a great hairpiece, brooch or casual sash.

Now this one is only semi-handmade…an up-cycled silk peony I had lying around deserved the makeover.

But, because one peony style isn’t enough, I’ve added an easier style (similar to the garden rose) to my repertoire.  I loved the mix of color in this multi-toned satin fabric.

Ooooh and these next ones, I love these next ones.  I had a bit of a difficult time figuring a name for these because I couldn’t quite decide if it was perfectly suited or not.  You see, they remind me of glorious gardenias, but gardenias are typically white, hence the conundrum.

Any thoughts?  Do these resemble another flower with a better suited name?

And, lastly, these aren’t anything new or spectacular.  More so, a means to use up scraps and offer something that is already out there.

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