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Beautiful Babies: Brooke & Briella B.

March 28, 2011

How’s that for alliteration?  Not enough? How about this…beautiful babies bearing beauteous bands.

Oh! Babies!  Babies!  Babies!  They’re a fair enough transition from wedding world.  Brides get married, become wives, settle-down, and bear BABIES!

In December, my friend Mandy and her husband followed suit when they welcomed their two phenomenally precious twin girls into the world.  After seeing their first pro photos by Aszur Photography, I knew I had found my modeling muses.

I introduce to you, Brooke and Briella, both graciously sporting The Artsy Butterfly’s newest line of customizable baby headbands.

Switching between giggles and tantrums,  they often expressed their inner mini-Prima Donna.

Briella-Left, Brooke-Right

Fortunately, it didn’t interfere with their modeling debut.  A pout was just as priceless as a smile and overloaded with just as much cuteness.

The biggest trouble was trying to distinguish them after the fact.  Really…can you tell them apart?

*Sigh*  I love how easily a frown can turn into smile and a smirk. So freaking aaahhhhhdorable!


Seriously, I’m dying over here and suffering from “I-want-baby-itis”.  I may have even considered stealing one of them for a brief moment, but decided their parents might notice that one of their twins had been replaced by a mirror.

From upper left to right:  Briella, Brooke, Briella, Brooke

WARNING!  If you don’t already have baby fever, be careful! 


These loveable bundles of unabashed beauty are bound to infect your mind and soul. They are ABSOLUTELY precious!



I honestly, wasn’t expecting to love so many shots from this shoot.  Odds were against me…my favorite lens was in repair, natural lighting was limited, the poor girls were a tad fussy, and it was my first time photographing babies.

Briella-one of my favs

But, I went in with hope, fair promise, and determination and before I knew it had captured a whopping 100+ photos worthy of editing and sharing.  The most difficult task of this whole experience was limiting the group of photos and selecting only a few for posting.

Briella sporting another priceless expression…

Let this be a lesson to other amateur/budding photographers out there.  Though a pricey lens can make a huge difference, what matters most is the heart (and practice) that you put into your photography.  All of the above photos were taking with my wimpy, basic kit lens sans flash.  No, it’s not the best lens in the world, but I managed to make it work and have these adorable photos as proof.

On another note…those headbands are pretty darn cute too, aren’t they?!  Be sure to keep an eye out for them as I’ll be adding them (and more) to the shop in the near future 😉

4 Comments leave one →
  1. March 29, 2011 3:32 pm

    HAHA! I just read your comment. You are too funny. Maybe I should move back and we can go into business together. I’m thinking: Martha Stewart on Steroids. Yes?

    I love the baby pics!!!!!!!!!

    • Sarah G permalink*
      March 29, 2011 3:36 pm

      Hahaha YESSSS! PLEASE!!! More like Martha Stewart on steroids, growth hormones, and blood doping! It would be bad for our marriages though….we would constantly be talking crafts and planning future projects.

      And, yes, Mandy’s babies are the cutest…it was pretty much impossible not to take good pics.

  2. April 1, 2011 2:09 am

    So precious!!!!! I can totally picture all your awesome creations in the hollywood mags on celeb mommies’ babies!

    • Sarah G permalink*
      April 1, 2011 5:59 pm

      Aww thanks for the compliment! Now all I need is celebrity babies!

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