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Balance, Business, and Being a Wife

February 14, 2011

“Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted”

David Bly

Back in November, in my first month of delving into this venture, I met mild success with my first two sales.  One for a simple pillow, and the other for a full custom wedding order complete with a bridal bouquet, two bridesmaids bouquets, and matching boutonnieres.  Fast forward to February–I have finished those orders, gained a good many since, and have learned a thing or two about balance.

In the final weeks of finishing up my first big order I was also busy working on other orders, trying to blog, network, and be a wife (not to mention working FT).  And, I failed at more than one of them including being a wife.

No, I’m not a horrible wife, but I could and should have been doing a better job.  I failed because I lost sight of time and space and didn’t realize I had holed myself up into my little world of go-go-go without taking a moment to breathe.

In the rush of excitement I sorta, kinda, maybe wasn’t being the most attentive spouse.  More-so, I was zombie-spouse, fully “alive” and functioning, but brain-dead and not very interactive (AKA Mrs. Preoccupied).  Fortunately, our communication skills are fairly solid and my lovely husband kindly brought the issue to my attention and I learned a little bit about being married, running a business, and finding balance.

So, today I am doing my best to find balance; a balance that will save me from myself.  You see, I have this problem where I often take on more that I can handle.

My overly creative mind is continuously racing from one idea to the next with a constant and innate need to express itself.  It often makes me wish I were two people so that I could process all of the ideas I have stewing in my brain. But, I am not multiple people and have decided that I need a schedule to help keep me balanced.

Being a newlywed and starting a new endeavor is no easy task and success doesn’t happen without a little hard work.  So, to ease up on stress levels and continue to be present for my husband, we’ve decided to work together.  Craig has offered to learn how to do some of my prep work so that we can spend more quality time together.  Yes, it will be a learning process and it will take time, but I have faith that we’ll make it work.

Have you ever struggled with finding balance in your life?  What have you found to work best?

And, because I believe you’ve so patiently followed along, here is your reward.  Photo porn of my recently finished custom order.

Photo by Sarah Griffin

Photo by Sarah Griffin

Any thoughts?

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  1. Alanna permalink
    February 14, 2011 5:23 am

    It is even more fun when you add children into the mix! Well done for being able to find a way to get everything balanced so well, and what a lovely husband to be willing to help in such a way!

    Beautiful bouquets i bet the bride was thrilled. How do you get the handel so uniform?

    • Sarah G permalink*
      February 14, 2011 5:11 pm

      I can’t imagine how much hard work that takes with a family! I have a hard enough time balancing my husband and two dogs. As far as the bouquet handle…it’s one of my trade secrets and I’m not quite sure I’m ready to expose it just yet 😉

  2. February 21, 2011 12:50 am

    I ALWAYS struggle with balance… there’s always so much to do, but it can be hard to prioritize.. I feel like my poor hubby is a “grad school widow” because I’m always doing homework, at class, reading, etc. It’s just finding the time to make sure you have fun with him… dinner on weekends, movies, snuggling, etc. On another note, I LOVE your bouquets, I wish I had seen them before I got married!!! I also remember I used to read your blog back in the day, so I was really excited to see a comment from you 🙂 Thanks for reading… Can’t wait to see more of your beautiful art!!! Adding you to my blogroll now.

  3. February 22, 2011 5:21 pm

    just came across your blog 🙂 love it! i always struggle with balance too but as long as you prioritize yourself you’ll be just fine girl! xo

  4. Mollie M permalink
    March 2, 2011 10:47 am

    These bouquets look great!! I love your blogs, they have really made a huge difference in my crafting ability!! I wanted to know if you could post about how you added the lace collar to the bouquets. I’m making my own bouquets and bouts out of fabric flowers as well and really love the lace collar but am not sure how to finish it.

    • Sarah G permalink*
      March 3, 2011 10:05 am

      Hello Mollie,

      I would love to help you out! I don’t have a perfect method for the collar and it may be hard to explain. I typically take a length of fabric that has been cut to correct height (based on the radius of the base)and make sure there is just enough to have a bit of overhang. I take that length of fabric and pin it along the base adding bunching or pleats as I go to create the circular look. I then stitch it in place as I go along. I hope this makes sense. It’s one of those things that is easier to show in pictures vs. explain in words.

  5. March 16, 2011 4:11 pm

    I am a firm believer that communication is key!

    That is great that your hubby let you know how he felt and you guys were able to find a fair solution. Now, your able to get your work done and spend time with your hubby too. Making money and spending time with your love at the same time….It doesn’t get any better than that!

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