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Custom Orders In Progress & New Listings

December 16, 2010

Hey all,

I want to thank you for all of your input on my new banner designs for my Etsy shop. It was truly appreciated!!  I’ve taken all of your advice to heart and have found a winner, Attempt #4!

created by the artsybutterfly (photo courtesy of Anna Simonak)

The majority of you found this one to be most appealing due to the overall clarity of the text and the representation of my bouquets.  And, clearly I have to agree with you.  Though I love all of my other options I can see how text legibility could cause some problems.  So, the new banner is up and I have a few changes pending on the others.

I’ve also, been busy in adding new listings to my shop to better display my abilities and bouquet options.

As of late, I’ve been working on my first custom order and finally have something to show for it.  I am very excited to see it coming together and can’t wait to see the finished results.  Unfortunately, my SLR is still in repair and I haven’t been able to get any clear, crisp pictures yet, but I do have this quick cellphone-shot to share!

personal photo

Not, such a great shot, but with a little tweaking and added text I was able to create this fairly reasonable listing example.

created by the artsybutterfly

No, it’s not picture perfect, but I love it!  Maybe, it’s the desperation I have to exhibit more of my talents or maybe it’s because I’ve been able to create something new.  Either way, it got me excited and eager to post some new listings.  I’ve had the need to add more representation to my shop since day one and this little (soon to be big) bouquet in progress gave me the thought that I should really show the varying price ranges based on size.  So, I took one last crumby picture to compare a large bouquet to this small example.  And, again, I tweaked the image and added some text.  Voila!  A fairly decent listing complete with text to explain what I have to offer.

created by the artsybutterfly


I’m really hoping that these new examples will help out the shop and that they will provide my clients with a better idea on how my pricing works.    I still have a lot in the works (including listings for budget bouquets) and look forward to what the new year has in store.

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  1. December 20, 2010 5:31 pm

    I’m so behind! I had no idea you moved your blog over. So are you completely done blogging over on your wedding blog now? I’ll add this one to my Google Reader. Love the Etsy header and those bouquets are gorgeous, congrats on starting the shop!

    • bluebutterfly10 permalink*
      December 22, 2010 12:03 pm

      Just sent you a message…not done over there…will be transitioning the blog once I am up to date on my recaps…which may take a while considering how busy I’ve been with new orders rolling into my shop.

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